Hi There! 

My name is Anna, I'm 35yo and I'm originally Italian.

I was born and raised in Sardinia,

a beautiful island in the middle of the mediterranean sea where I've grown up walking on white sand,

swimming in crystalline waters and watching the most amazing sunsets.

In my early 20's  after dropping out of uni (twice),

I've packed up my stuff and moved for new adventures.

I lived in Bologna, Rome, Bristol, Swansea, London and  two years ago

I settled here in Luton DC, Bedfordshire. 

During this crazy past year, in the middle of the pandemic 

I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate and I can say

it was the easiest decision I've ever made in my life.

I'm a dog person,  a food lover , a sea addicted . Travelling is what taught me the most.

My origin is to blame but once per week it's pizza night!

Games with friends or Netflix and sofa are my favourite evenings!

I support science and  I respect any kind of belief,

religion, faith, culture but please..

don't put pineapple on pizza.

So, enough about me..

please tell me, what brings you here?